Thursday, February 21, 2008

Electricty = Warmth

In an effort to think outside the box about photography I am challenging myself with a word a week to then try to think of things to photograph that convey that word. I am posting my results over on my other blog. This week's words is warmth and this is one of the pictures I took for the word. This might not convey warmth to you right at first, but as we have another pending ice storm today, it is all about keeping electricity to keep our heat. Plus I love this shot and wanted to share it on this blog too.


Felicia said...

That is an original way of looking at an otherwise dull photo. I like the challengs you've given yourself - I always "work" better when I have an assignment and a deadline!

Marc Backes said...


I love the photos on the blog...I'd like to talk with you about something...could you email me at:

marcbackes1976 AT gmail DOT com

Jana said...

My 5 year old son says the power pole is 'Really, really, super cool!' great photo, its fun to think outside the box!

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