Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boonville Road

There is a stretch of road in Jefferson City, Boonville Road, where there are very nice houses that are on a bluff that overlook the fields and river. This is a picture of my favorite house on that road.


Strangetastes said...

That's unusual. I wouldn't expect such modern architecture around Jeff. My image of the area is much more traditional. Of course, I speak from nearly complete ignorance, having been back there only a very few times since I was licensed ages ago.

mshandler said...

My name is Michael S. Handler, M.D. The house in Jefferson City that you photographed was designed by my late uncle, Alvin Goldman. We moved into the house in 1964. It was a great house with beautiful views of the Missouri River. The house really opens out in the back where there are large windows and a long deck. The round structure to the right in the photo is not original. That is a kitchen addition put on by the second or third owners. Originally this was an enclosed patio. When the house was built, it was just outside the Jefferson City city limits. In the back we had a Japanese garden with an ornamental pond. I think my parents sold the house around 1990.

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