Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not the official statebird...

The official state bird is the bluebird. However, having lived in the St. Louis area and growing up a St. Louis Cardinal fan, the cardinal is the unofficial state bird.


Bibi said...

Hello from Belgrade, Serbia! I was attracted by your cardinal. As a little girl in Pennsylvania, I used to watch them in the winter from our kitchen window. Nice shot.

I also have/use a Nikon D50. Drop in sometime to my blog.

Thiên said...

Good morning, Jen. Your cardinal shot caught my eye on the main CDP page. I love cardinals. They are the state bird in NC where I grew up. I still see them here in Texas so they are a nice reminder of home. I enjoyed looking at your other photos too! It's always nice to learn about other cities and bloggers.

alaya said...

the red is really outstanding. i'm not sure this bird exist in tropical region like here.

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