Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Corps of Discovery

Today at 5:30 the new Lewis and Clark monument is going to be unveiled. Although that is scheduled for the Capitol Rotunda. 300 people or so are expected to attend. So since they cannot overnight get them on their slabs, this is the way they are today. I find the image odd, but whimisical in a way. I am glad I drove drive today to take some shots. The sculpter is Sabra Tull Meyer, from Columbia, MO. Here is a smaller version of the statue from her site. And here you can see some pictures of the full versions before they came to the park. I really like how they are set on the stones, rather than your typical marble bases. I also like the capitol in the background. There were quite a few features of this new monument area I will be sharing over the next couple of days, including, a picture of the monument after the bags are removed.


Rambling Round said...

Looks ghostly at the moment!

Kelly said...

It looks a little scary just now, but it looks like it is going to be beautiful! I love the setting they are going to be placed in, and I think the stone vs. the marble is an excellent choice

Halcyon said...

I hope you'll post a reveal shot too. I want to know what's under those ghostie sheets.

Terri and Bob said...

Good morning! I live in JC, too and just discovered your blog. Wonderful! I love this photo of the statues covered up. I am posting a photo of the memorial today, too.

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